BCDP Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities to volunteer to help your organization grow and tackle the issues that you think are important are plentiful. They come in four basic varieties; communications, fund raising, policy, and social. Here is a brief description of each type.


Outreach to our fellow democrats, the public, and the media regarding issues of importance to us as Democrats using electronic communication, social media and traditional media outlets.


Put the FUN in fundraising by raising money for our programs and candidates. Activities include cookouts, parties, and other "Party" events.


Work on committees that set the direction for our party. For example, the membership committee is in charge of outreach to our party members and new activists.


Helping set up for meetings by calling members, setting up meeting places, and /or coordinating activities.

What Skills Do I Need?

We can make use of any of your skills. Some example skills are arts and crafts, cooking, graphic design, interpersonal, oral and written communication, social media, and web design. In short, if you can do it we can use it. Come join our rapidly growing team of volunteers and activists!

How Do I Volunteer?

Contact Our Membership Chairperson